Saturday, August 22, 2015

From Adventurer to Townsfolk Back to Adventurer

Hello Thank you all for tuning in to RSNN

We have been very absent as of late from the the scene. That is because life had made certain adjustments that made us take up residence in the towns and stop adventuring out and exploring the world of Nacriema.

We am here to say that we have decided to partially return to being adventurers, but only part time due to a lack of free time and needing to tend to our families which just recently relocated to different towns (mine moved to Big Apple). A lot has changed in the absence of RSNN and it will be the goal to catch back up and report to you all at-least on a weekly basis. We also will be interviewing people we have to get a good understanding of the world how it is now before deciding on our new requirements for being interviewed or if we will even have any requirements. However there is always the chance of us dying out in the field of battle and never returning to give you all the great news and gossip you deserve.

In the time since RSNN went on hiatus our great and powerful overlords have been so generous as to give us new versions of Mini-Pets and even make certain premium items permanently cheaper. New events and other things we are sure that we happened to over look living as a lowly townsfolk unworthy of you admiration and unequal to your bravery.

We will be returning to fight along side you all anonymously of course and integrate into your guilds and learn your stories so that we may tell the world of your great adventures and everlasting bravery in the face of evil. We will be sure that no adventurer is to be forgotten by Nacriema and its people that they fought so hard to protect.

Comment below and let us know if there are any changes that you would like to inform us of and how you like all the changes and events that have been given to us by our great and powerful overlords. Also comment below or on our Facebook page if you are interested in being interviewed by RSNN.

Thanks again for tuning into Red Stone News Network.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Interview with Muri (January 25th 2015)

Hello and thank you all for tuning in to RSNN.
Today's interview took place in the lovely Gypsy Village.

We would like to thank Muri for participating in our 2nd interview and for being very patient with us.

Question 1

RSNN: What is your favorite thing to do in Nacriema?
Muri: Grinding along with my uncle Jun and teasing my friends.
RSNN: lol sounds like a good time
Muri: uahsusahsa indeed sir

Question 2

RSNN: I see that you left FRESH, what was the reason for this?
Muri: I'm helping another friend of mine with his guild... his name is Bboycloudz and his guild's name is Royal. Any 100+ active can join btw huehue
RSNN: lol Good plug
Muri: xD Ty

Question 3

RSNN: Do you have any ideas as to what is next for you?
Muri: Not really lol. I'm just focusing on Thief and trying to level my Mage and Priest at the same time. When the Beastman comes out i will try that out, but aside from that just surviving whatever Nacriema throws at me.
RSNN: Interesting that keads me to my next question actually.

Question 4

RSNN: Which if any of the new characters are you most interested in and why?
Muri: Beastman
          Double swords, enough said.
RSNN: My thoughts exactly actually
Muri: LOL nice
          Dont say that too much though people might create a conspiracy theory that you and i are one.
RSNN: They already think that.
Muri: True -______-

Question 5

RSNN: Which of the current guilds in your opinion is the one to beat?
Muri: The one to beat as in the one which is the strongest and the most challenging?
RSNN: Yes.
Muri: I'd say Sakura
RSNN: Interesting
            (I stood up) I apologize for standing up in the middle of our interview i got excited.
Muri: Its okay.

Question 6

RSNN: What are your thoughts on the current economy in Nacriema?
Muri: I would answer your question, but i cant.
          I dont really watch the economy I only make gold when i need it and then just live my life here.
RSNN: Understandable
Muri: I sleep a lot

Question 7

RSNN: Is there anything from the land of Prandel that you miss?
Muri: Anything hmmm
          Yeah, some friends who quit. Thats all Nacriema creators have kept the streets very clean
          I'm glad about that.
          But the friends, the creators cant bring back
RSNN: Hmm, Most people would have said Items or their levels, that response is rather respectable.
Muri: Lol items and levels are material achievements.
          Easily achieved with effort in this server.
          Ok not easily, but still.

Question 8

RSNN: What are your thoughts on Extractors and Mirrors not being available for direct purchase in the shop?
Muri: Purrfect
          1: I wont be tempted to buy them
          2: People with money would have to spend more than ever to get extractors
          3: its the hard way to lvl not lol... well not if you're accompanied by a tamer but if you're alone its hard so people have to party with others.
RSNN: Could that also give people with a LOT of money who keep buying even more of an advantage?
Muri: It can be an advantage yes... But not as big as OGP. You cant get extractor directly here and i think they are still only 30% chance of success.

Question 9

RSNN: What kind of new system would you like to see added into the land of Nacriema?
Muri: The first thing that I think about is a PvP map. Like a big map where King Ogre cave is. That would be OP for PvP.
          Oh and the second but far from reality would be new maps and dungeons for people to level beyond 900. When I say maps I mean maps lol. Like an extra map next to Damel or something.
          If you look at the mapyou can see that some places are unexplored.
RSNN: What aboue a map on the water on top of the Tomb of Klippc (I think) off the coast of Bridgehead?
Muri: Yes that would be awesome! Or an underwater kingdom on the "Xeos Ora/Oca" on the map
RSNN: That would be cool to see.
Muri: Indeed sir, Indeed.

Question 10

RSNN: What are your thoughts on the new Prem areas that continue after Small Cave all the way to level 700 I believe? I could be wrong on the level.
Muri: New Prem areas? lol which new areas do you mean?
RSNN: I apologizeim having trouble finding the article again. lol
Muri: lol its ok.
RSNN: It said that in this new land of Nacriema in the REAL Red Stone that there were Prem areas after Small Cave. What are your thoughts on this? Good or Bad?
Muri: :O
          Hmmm well as long as these Prem areas do not have a huge difference in exp with normal areas (for a person with prem) then its not bad in my opinion.
RSNN: They dont seem to have that big of a difference in Nacriema. Just enough to make it nice to have from what i have seen at least.
Muri: Well L&K does need to make money from this game and Prem is quite good for that.

Question 11

RSNN: Onto the final question which I have to ask.
Muri: Yes im single
           Aushasuhsasauh <3 Jk
RSNN: What are your thoughts on our new overlords?
Muri: I find them caring and all, but I can't give you a definite answer for that yet. OGP was caring in the beginning also. So there's not a big difference we will have to wait till later.
RSNN: Time will tell is what you are saying correct?
Muri: Yes, and Deeds>Words.
          Idk if Deeds is correct lol
RSNN: But the pen is mightier than the sword.
Muri: Correct. Which is why I tell you that the pen has to function 100% instead of just writing stuff down.
RSNN: The actions must follow what the pen has written?
Muri: Yes.

Bonus question technically

RSNN: Is there anything you would like to add or say before we end here?
Muri: Yes there is.
          Special shout out to both of my homes FRESH and Royal and to my uncle huehue.
          And I would like to thank you for taking your time in your busy schedule to interview me.
RSNN: Thank you Muri for taking part in this interview. Maybe one day later on we will interview you again.
Muri: Hehe who knows.

We would like to thank you all for tuning in to Red Stone News Network for our second interview. If you would like to be interviewed by us let us know.

The requirements are as follows (must have at least 1 of the requirements): GM or Vice in a level 4 or 5 Guild, Level 400+, or be a very influential member of the community.

If you match one of the above and would like to be interviewed message us on our Facebook Page by clicking this link. RSNN Facebook

Guild Hall Standings (January 25th 2015)

Thank you for tuning in to RSNN here are the current GH standings

Hall Lvl 5 


Hall Lvl 4


Hall Lvl 3


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Grand Opening!!! (Janury 22 2015)

Hello and thank you again for tuning in to RSNN

We are 3 days into the grand opening of Red Stone and from spending time in the newly updated world with most of it finally translated we noticed quite a few things people keep talking about. 

First things first the majority of people have been complaining about the price of Portal Spheres and Gate Globes. While we here at RSNN were also upset by this high price we are also happy that a lot of the items in the shop appear to be rather cheap. The 1 and 3 hours Kits have been replaced by a single 24 hours kit. While this may be kinda impractical for people who don't want to play for 24 hours straight we personally really like it. It is only 49 points and lasts for an entire day. so if you have a day you set aside to go out and level you no longer need to purchase multiple 3 hours kits. 

Second there has been a slight shift in the economy. People are selling Mini Pets like crazy trying to make money and flood the land with these 30 day life span little creatures. With Mini Pets only being 26 points and everyone wanting one its no wonder they filled our economy so quickly. 

My favorite complaint that we still here takes the number 3 spot this time. "Where are the new characters?" by now I am sure most of you are tired of hearing people scream this in town or post on the community complaining that we do not have the new classes. While we can understand their frustration they also need to understand that it takes time to place these new beings and field of study into our existing world fully translated and playable. We are right there with you don't get us wrong we here at RSNN WANT THESE NEW CLASSES SO BAD. However, we are waiting patiently for our gracious overlords L&K to brighten up our playing experience by finishing them and allowing us to use them. 

4th and final point: Why isn't everything translated yet? This is another one we keep hearing. our lovely overlords L&K told us that upon Grand Opening our world would only be about 90% translated. While this is also discouraging and upsetting we can only assume that the final 10% will be translated when we are also given the new classes.

Comment below and tell us your thoughts on the Grand Opening so far. 

Thank you again for tuning in to Red Stone News Network. 

Friday January 23 2015 interviewee

Hello and thank you for tuning in to RSNN

Tomorrow we have chosen to interview Muri from the guild FRESH. We look forward to an exciting interview.

Thank you and stay posted to RSNN

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Guild Hall Standings (January 18th 2015)

Hall Lvl 5 


Hall Lvl 4


Hall Lvl 3


Vivid Vs Sakura SW (January 18th 2015)

Hello and thank you for tuning into RSNN.

As many of you may know by now last night Vivid did something that has very seldom been done before in the history of the hunt for the Red Stone. They successfully defended GH5 from Sakura in last nights SW.

Sakura was held at bay for the entirety of the SW being kept at the gate. This was truly a sight to behold as both sides fought very valiantly. Victory seemed to be on Vivids side from the very beginning bringing what appeared to be 3 parties to this SW while it looked as though Sakura brought only 1 party. This SW showed everyone that defending a GH is not impossible. and nothing should take away from the novelty of it happening.

However, following Vivids SW there was a LOT of trash talk on both sides not even just right after this went on for hours. Trash talk immediately after a SW while still very rude and unsportsmanlike like is very common in the SW system however it does not usually last for more than 10 minutes after the war was completed. While we here at RSNN did witness trash talk from both sides it seemed that Vivid the victor was not very graceful about their win the them talking the majority of the trash. What upsets us most about this is that this win would normally have been the greatest thing of the week but, some of the glory was lost by all of the trash talk to follow.

We wish that this article didnt have to talk the turn that it did but, we were all very upset by how both sides not just Vivid handled this SW win/loss.

Thank you for tuning in to Red Stone News Network.